Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Always remember this;

Always remember this;

"wedding lasts a day but a marriage lasts a life"

So don't do something just to conform to current trends and cultural traditions. Whatever you decide to do, make sure it is something you truly want and not to follow other people words. It's no problem to make others people happy mostly your family but is it what you really want on you wedding or is it what other people want form? It's no problem to get a lot of idea since all people is care about you. You can choose the idea if you really like it but not because you only want to win the person heart. Its ur wedding, its your should decide what you really want for your day not people who to decide for you. Remember the memories of your wedding day will last forever and you want them to be your wedding dream party right.


Planning Tips from Evi

  • Good wedding plannner are usually booked up away in advance. Book yours at list a year before your engagement day so your wedding can be planning earlyer or maybe the shotes period to book a wedding planner is not more then 3 months. But the best is before that.
  • While your wedding planner helping you on your wedding details. Please make sure you already have in your mind about your wedding date and location that you planned to do for your wedding day and what kind of wedding dream you would like to have on your wedding. It's to make your wedding planner easy to help you to plan your wedding.
  • Show your wedding planner sample of what you like to have in your wedding or what kind of wedding dream you really want. Your wedding planner will help you on it. For instance, bring along reference picture from book or magaziners for your wedding planner reference. (Picture is worth a thousand of words)
  • A good wedding planner will help you to design a unique wedding and a memorable moment that can't be forget by anybody. and a good wedding planner also know how to make your wedding happening.
  • From the bridal shower until the wedding ceremony ended the wedding planner and the crew will help to coordinate the event. ( Financial wedding budget services, running programs, complimentary planning consultation and coordinate events at church & reception )
  • Finally, please make sure you reserve a set for your wedding planner and the crew at your wedding ceremony/dinner.

Let's Get This Party Started!

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SIL said...

Vina....I like the list of wedding theme. So this year uncle and I will be celebrating our 8th year of our theme is appliances.....hahahaah. It's time I ask him to get me some good electrical appliances.