Thursday, November 27, 2008

Are you prepared?

Simple steps to a blissful married life
Newly-wed couples are actually entering a new phase of their lives. Romance and communication are still an important part to keep the love flame alight for a lifetime.
However, communication must come with understanding and acceptance; the important foundation to a blissful married life.
Here are 4 simple steps for a blissful marriage:

Be Realistic
Maybe it is that romantic Korean drama, or that Jane Austen novel with the sweet happy ending. Whatever reason it is, some people tend to think of marriage as a bed of roses, and expected the ideal perfection from their other half. But, as quoted, in the harsh reality, marriage is far from being a paradise. Marriage means preparing to form a new family, and taking up the responsibilities as well. Food, laundry, house chores, household expenses, childcare, and children’s education eventually; these are the things that every married couple will eventually need to face, and it is not easy.
Also, people are not perfect, including your other half, which is why some couple never got married long. They expected the impossible ideal, and refused to accept their spouses’ imperfection

Be Mentally prepared
As we mentioned earlier, marriage is a new phase in life; which means sharing your life with another person for as long as you live. And it definitely is different from the life of a single person, which is why couples need to be mentally prepared. Sometimes, newly-weds may need the time to get use to their new life, especially the ladies, who will have to learn to live with her husband’s family, if they are living together in the ancestral home. Starting a new family, and living with previously complete strangers are new challenges, and the right state of mentality brings out the best results.

Be Intimate
One of the most important aspects in marriage, sexual fulfillment can affect the quality of a couple’s married life. Thus, no harm in exploring and knowing more about the intimate side of marriage!
A marriage lacking sexual satisfaction is heading towards an end. So, share your fantasies with your spouse, explore together and don’t be shy! This is a little step in achieving the perfect marriage.

Be Patient
When a marriage is rushed, it wouldn’t be the best. As quoted, marriage is the harvest, from the seeds of love. It must be harvested only when it the time is right for the best results. A marriage rushed is like a harvest done before the fruit ripens. How could 2 strangers share their lives forever when they aren’t even sure if he or she is their Mr. Right or Mrs. Right? In fact, statistics have shown that hastily tying the knot is one of the reasons for divorce. Therefore, give more time for each other to contemplate, understand before deciding to tie the knot. Only when love matures, will the marriage be perfect.

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